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December 2006

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ink dreams

HP fanfic ...

My first ever posting of a fanfic here.
Wow! So thrilled!
Anyway ... hope y'all enjoy it.
Especially you, [info]felicisima ...
After all, you inspired me!
*hugs HP buddy tightly*

* ~ *

Author: [info]nekokat_musings a.k.a. [info]kt_dionys
Fanfic, One-shot
Romance / General / Manip-based
Harry Potter
Harry/Ginny/Draco (HGD)
"May the Best Man Win"

AN: Story related through Harry's POV - 1st person, present tense.

It is the night of the Yule Ball. It is suppose to be a special night, a romantic night.
A night to remember.
But here I am, with a girl I don’t even really like.
And there she is … dancing with him.

Why? I keep asking myself. Why?
I’m a fool.
An idiot.

It should have been me, dancing there with her.
Being with her.
Holding her.

But I’d backed away, walked away.

And left her open … for him.

I can no longer stand it.
I look away, my heart aching.

Ginny Weasley …

She’s his now.
Not mine.

My fists clench.
No, I think determinedly.
I will have her.
Somehow, someway … I’ll win her back.
I’ll win her heart.

It doesn’t hurt to look at him anymore.
To look at them.
My gaze flickers – slowly – back to the couple dancing.

Back to Ginny.

As I watch her dance with him, I smile slyly to myself.
This is just tonight, I reassure myself.
Just one night.
It’s not forever.
I won’t let it be forever.

My eyes settle on the competition.
On him.

Draco Malfoy …
May the best man win.

* ~ *

Feel free to leave a comment or a review.
Hopefully I'll update this writing LJ of mine more frequently.



*squeezes HP buddy in a tight hug until her eyes pop out of her head

Man, i love this! ^_^
Now, I'm suuuper glad i made that manip 'cause it ended up with you making this very beautiful thing. *is very pleased
This is only a one-shot? Aww.. I hope you could go on with a story, cause i think this is a good start for a fic. i'm like all intrigued now with how Harry will win her back. ^_^

but if you'll leave this as a one-shot i think its still soo lovely.

Poor Harry, he missed his chance. but i love how he's still determined even though he's hurting. *squee

i love it. *hugs
Hehehe ... I'm so glad you like it.
I think it's the first ever HGD fanfic I've ever written, but I'm glad it's not a lousy one.

Yeah, it's a one-shot.
But we'll see. Maybe a few weeks down the line I might be inspired to write the sequel.

Feel free to "pimp" this story all you want.
I love having people read my stuff.

Hopefully, if luck's with me, I'll be posting another fanfic up here.
A long one this time, because it's a Harry/OC, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny fic I've been writing for like, forever!

I think you'll like that one.
After all ... Draco/Ginny, your fave ship.

So glad you like this one, though.
It's quite good, but I'd like it if you leave it a bit more ambiguous (sp?)... such that it could very well be either Draco or Harry who's narrating the story. ;)
Hey! Thanks loads for leaving a review!

Yeah, I see what you mean. It could've been ambiguous, couldn't it?
The last two sentences could've been erased, hahahaha.

But I did it based on the manip by felicisima. And hers had Harry looking very regretful, so I figured I should make it from Harry's POV.

But thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely take it into account when I write my next fic.

Thanks again for stopping by!
I came here through felicisima. ;) She made that beautiful manip for the H/G/D community I own! <3

Hmm, I'd love to see more H/G/D work from anyone, so do let me know if you've more up your sleeve. =)